Tuesday, August 08, 2006

mountain biker

Okay, okay, enough with the cute already. What would this blog be without one of my seriously overcooked Photoshop messes as a header?

I particularly liked this shot cos it makes Aaron look like The Mountain Biker That Ate Seattle... or something like that. that's an extra-large Heckler and his saddle nose almost comes up to my collarbones, but somehow when he's on that bike, it looks tiny.

The two of us went and rode the West Magnolia trails last weekend.

hecklerThis is a shot of the Heckler all by its lonesome, waiting for us to figure out the best route, since it's a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.

A big wind storm a few years back blew down a bunch of trees, which made for an interesting texture in the background, and a 'signature' West Mag kind of shot.

"uh, which way now?" "dude, I don't remember..." "didn't you say you rode up here?" "that was four years ago! and I got lost! besides, everything's changed..." "so do you remember if the outer loop goes up or down this hill?" "dude, YOU'RE the one who read the map, you tell me!"

um, yea. looks like it was down the hill. Holy shredalicious line, Batman! This guy never ceases to astonish me with the sick terrain he can ride. and yes, it's every bit as steep as it looks. worse, actually.

we rode for about three hours straight, and it was darned hot. At some point I got distracted enough that he managed to confiscate the camera... and yes, Aaron really is that tall. well, that plus I'm a midget.

sometimes I manage to make it look like I can ride. sometimes.

Aaron retaliates for the many, many butt-shots I've taken of him, yikes!

This one says it all.

next up... more Breckenridge pics!! woo!


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