Monday, October 31, 2005

Thelma & Louise

Happy Halloween everyone!

Speaking of scary, yours truly the bottle blonde needs to get busy with touchin' up dem roots... Beast on a barge, how tacky! Darn good thing it's Halloween, cos people probably just think I'm going as white trash this year.... EEEEEEEEEK!!!!!

Check out the hottie to my left. That's my main homegirl, Marty. This chica is seriously cool, and represents my oldest and closest Boulder friend.

Thelma and Louise. A couple of chicks bent on destroying the universe as they know it. I'd dig being Louise for a day or so: Hot chick with an awesome car, great taste in music and a big ass gun? ...right f'n on.

I mean, despite the fact that I like my colleagues and they pay me pretty well, I'm essentially a glorified waitress. And I like the name Louise, easily cropped down to something awesome like 'Lulu' or 'Weezy'. Frankly, I never cottoned onto my Christian name. The full version ('Elizabeth') is hopelessly Edwardian and stodgy. My daily handle ('Beth') kinda implies some pink-sweater-infested bitchy high school cheerleader. 'Liz' is just plain out of the question for reasons I shouldn't even have to explain. And rather than actually DO anything constructive like change it, or else insist everyone call me 'Eli', the hip genderbending nom de guerre bestowed upon me in my early 20's by my very bestest favourite drag queen, I just grudgingly put up with it, in typical LFR passive aggression. Blah.

So anyway, I'm sure you're all breathlessly wondering what deep globally responsible and paradigm-shifting topics a couple of thirtysomething cyclistas discuss whilst sitting around in the coffeehouse? Um... hellow, whadja think? We scope hot dudes, gossip about bike porn and dudes, declare open season on the twentysomething male population of Boulder (if only in our depraved imaginations), play with our digicams and in general annoy the patrons with our breathlessly adolescent fits of giggles. Marty also has this devestating knack of coaxing me to spill my guts about my current sordid state of personal affairs. No I will NOT 'fess up, despite that half the patrons of the Bookend now know, whether or not they wanted to. Talk about TMI, yikes.

Oh and FYI Marty, you're still contagious. I somehow accidentally managed to delete the cool shots from Sunday I had on my digicard, bah humbug. Eh, okay, sorry, I honestly shouldn't blame ya chica... flash memory is temporary, but blonde is forever.




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