Thursday, December 29, 2005


More shots from Ohio. This time a random roundup of the various critters on Mom's farm. All shot with the D70 and the 50mm f/1.8.

Meet Blackie, a rather photogenic 2 year old stallion. You're not seeing things, he really does have Paul Newman eyes:

Next up, the Queen of the Household, Ariel - caught in the act of birdwatching. Shot with the softbox and a gold bounce on the SB600. I backed the flash comp down too far, blah. Need to remember to shoot bracketed more... tho being a typical cat, Ariel was in no mood to suffer the flash for long!

Now for Mom's pet jay, Mootsie (getting him to sit still long enough to fire the shutter was a challenge!):

This guy was rescued as a fallen nestling literally from the jaws of death - a dog grabbed him in the park. He's 8 years old and makes a much more friendly and engaging house bird than any parakeet.

Before you get your knickers in a knot about keeping a wild bird as a pet, it's a fact that once you've hand raised a nestling, you cannot re-release them into the wild; they will not survive. I might end up inheriting this character someday, as jays can live an extremely long time; no one quite seems to know how long, but they're of the Corvidae (crow) family, and captive ravens (Corvus Corvax) are known to live sixty and more years!

Back when Moots was a fledgling, the local park ranger recommended that Mom just register him with Ohio DNR, get an adequate flight cage and plenty of toys (jays are busy birds) and keep him as a pet. He's got a huge cage, and is well behaved enough to fly free inside the house when the dogs aren't in. The cat lives in mortal fear of that beak and won't go near him. He'll come to your hand (especially for live, fuzzy, wriggly caterpillars... and wormses, ooo yesss preciousss!) and mimics all sorts of things like the TV, the telephone, the dogs barking... the fun never ends.

The classic comment after I showed Mom the fullsized raw capture: 'Oh, wow, I never realised his eyes are brown!' The camera literally pulled out details of colour and markings she'd never noticed.

Midge, Mom's 6 months old Border Collie pup:

Last but not least, the aptly nicknamed Fuzzy, a ginormous Warmblood colt:

That's quite the menagerie, eh? I also shot some decent captures of wild birds at the feeder, but they'll have to wait for now.




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