Friday, December 09, 2005


The most elegant things in life are often quite simple. Tuxedoes, fixed gear bicycles and black and white photography come to mind.

Here are a few shots I took down by the library the first day I had my 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. All converted to B&W with a nice home-cooked Photoshop secret recipe of mine and a little help from my friends (thanks A. Shen!).

First, a lanky, elegant Italian steel fixte. The only thing I dislike about being short is that my bikes don't have the sorts of long, clean lines one gets in 58cm and above framesets:

This second shot was my favourite from the series. It shows the excellent depth of field one can achieve shooting manual with a fast lens:

And just a cool idea. These are free loaner bikes from the grocery, and apart from here, I've only ever seen this done in Amsterdam. They end up all over town, naturally, but have very low actual rates of theft; even when they're not returned immediately, someone always rides them back to the grocery within a few days.




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