Wednesday, December 07, 2005

State CX Champs

Ah, cyclocross, as interpreted by the Nikon D70.

Here are a couple shots of Marty, from her spectacular ride in the 35+ women's race. The light was tricky, and I discovered later that I shot the whole thing at ISO 200, i.e. not high enough for these fast moving subjects in dodgy light. Mea culpa.




I'd had the camera for exactly fourteen hours when I shot most of these pictures. I struggled, a lot. Some of them came out okay.

Using the SB-600 for fill flash, helped with the pro Men, as the light was failing. I liked the speed and conflict in the next shot. Jeff Wardell is the guy coming fast into the barricades, center frame.

The kid in the stars-n-stripes in this next shot, just turned fifteen. He barely missed out on the State Championship in the Senior Men Pro/1/2 field, settling for the silver medal behind no less than Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski. Alex Coelho. Remember the name, it may become important in the future.

Here come the Pro/1/2 podium players thru the barriers with a quarter mile to go to the finishline. You could cover them with a blanket. Or a tea cozy.

Another nice shot of Alex, doing what he does best: go fast.

Couplea captures of the Death Bridge, from different angles, with Vaughter's Boyz drilling it in the wide angle shot. The angle, off-camber and speed that you come onto this slick wooden nightmare, meant a lot of people careened off the railings, or just plain wiped out here.

Last but not least, this shot of my former teammate, Susan Einberger really caught the essence of cyclocross.




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