Sunday, November 13, 2005

Not So Swift

Arrrrrgh DAMMIT!!! I had a nearly full digicard of shots from today's Swift Ride ...

and my dumb arse lost bloody close to the entire thing - fortunately I was able to salvage some lovely shots from downtown.

You know how you tell yourself 'I should...' then you don't and pay the price? Well yea. I should have formatted my SD card before I went out on the ride this AM. But I didn't. And somehow the files on there got corrupted. Thank Dog for Imaging, I was able to open some of the shots with that and save them as readable files.

Anyway. Dammit dammit dammit... I had a bunch of awesome shots of the Swift guys out on a wicked cool dirt road ride. Nice high contrast shots that would have looked killer with some fun effects. Oh well, there will be plenty more rides. I ride with these guys because they are safe, sane and structured.

Today is one of those transitional weather days. Yesterday was windier than a Senate filibuster, but plenty warm. Today was mostly calm, but colder than a witch's tit. Tomorrow is forecast to snow, and it looked and felt that way, all day. Brooding skies above the Divide, hazy ineffectual sun, and a nasty thin northeast wind that cuts right thru to the bone. The above was the only shot that survived from the ride. This poor lad was both underdressed and underrepresented in the bodyfat quotient, so he was skipping pulls all day in a futile attempt to stay warm. Which is just as well, cos sitting on this sort of wheel is like trying to draft a soda straw.

I played around shooting some nice pictures of the fall foliage near the library.

Roses in mid-November? Yep, we got 'em.

As well as some pretty nice autumn colour still hanging on. Enjoy these shots of the late blooming roses in Boulder Creek Park, right off Broadway by the ampitheatre.

Cut me some slack - I was shivering, using super macro mode, in failing light, without a tripod. I KNOW this one is not in focus. I'm learning... slowly.

This one worked nicely with some very minimal effects work in PS. Try and guess what filters I used.

That's all for tonite.




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