Monday, November 07, 2005

A bunch of Shenanigans

Today you get a couple posts for the price of one, along with some lameass excuse about why I've been offline all weekend. Answer: I've been BUSY. Riding my bike, partying with the posse', taking a ton of photos and in general enjoying my bad old self.

First shot up top is Marty, her boyfriend Zack (right) and Cindy (left), rockin' out with our bad selves on the inaugural Friday Night Dirty Shenanigans ride. It's a combo trail ride / cyclocross / urban assault / pub crawl that I came up with (mostly) on my very own.

Let me just point out that Zack there has earned my undying respect, cos he did a trail ride on the pimp new Look carbon roadie leaning against the car in the background... including riding a way sketchy steep descent in the dark, on slicks that the cross-bike-mounted amongst us :: raises hand, feeling sheepish :: were too chicken, old, female, or all of the above, to do. I humbly lay my personal, small and rather wilted-looking Handling Skilz laurel wreath at your feet, bro, cos I am Truly Not Worthy.

Next up, a long-arse Sunday ride. I didn't take too many pics out on this gig, cos I was too busy keeping up. We rode Carter and I got about 80 miles in for the day, including shooting a full digicard of faboo pics at the Boulder Racing Cyclocross (next post). The weather couldn't have been more perfect on Sunday... particularly cos Saturday's Louisville ride included a combo of downpours and snow squalls starting out. I turned off early from the Louisville ride, cos I was soaked, chilled, and not feeling the love. On a positive note tho, my coaching student is really coming along smartly. Now if we can just convince his folks to help him get some Buffs kit so he can join in the CU rides without feeling ostracised...

Next up, Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!


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