Sunday, January 08, 2006

This Blows!


Make. It. Stop!

This shit is getting old...

Seriously, for ten days straight it's been unrelentingly windy. And I'm honestly sick and tired of it.

Tired of struggling to go 10mph on the bike in my smallest gear at 300 watts.

Tired of 4 hour rides that go nowhere but pain.

Tired of seeing plastic bags in trees.

Tired of watching even the birds give it up as a bad job and go anywhere else but upwind.

Tired of ragged blown-out flags semi-detatched from their lanyards.

Tired of waking up at 2AM with the whole building creaking and banging like a ship in a high sea.

Tired of the deafening howl of wind in my helmet straps.

Tired of hearing the girders groan in my office.

Tired of getting sand blasted and dessicated.

Tired of dodging tumbleweeds.







Tarp ties.

Garbage cans.

Holiday decorations. (fercrissakes it's past Epiphany, take 'em DOWN already!)

Other riders.

Grocery bags.

Shipping twine.

Plastic of every description.

Construction fencing.

Highway cones.

Junior sand dunes.

Senior dust storms.

Inattentive drivers in high profile vehicles.

Tired of tacking.





Guttering and getting guttered in half-arsed semi-competent eschelons.

...and all that.

Coming home on 63rd today past the Boulder Muni Airport, I truly felt for the poor pilot who was wrestling his sideslipping single-engine Cessna to a dead standstill in the Chinook, in attempts to make the upwind turn to land on the south runway. Last weather update reported gusts in the mid-sixties. This is insanity-making, unrelenting and I wish it would just frigging STOP already.

I know, it's been over sixty degrees, I shouldn't complain. But I can dress for the cold. There's nothing can be done about this wind.

It blows.



Blogger Marty said...

Haaa haaa, my thoughts exactly!! That was funny. Want to get together this week? I haven't seen Narnia yet... have you? Or we can shoot photos or hang out at the coffee shop, etc.

9:54 AM  

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