Sunday, January 15, 2006

More LoDo

A couple fast shots from last weekend's adventures in LoDo:

This one's FINALLY a successful long exposure shot! Whew! I liked the composition, even (check out the folks standing on the platform... they stayed still enough to register nice n sharp):

Here's a candid shot of a pleasant young fellow in the bus station taking the late bus back to Boulder, like me. Funny how random folks just come up n' start to chat when I've the Nikon, the singlespeed and all the goodies with. He's an art student at CU Boulder, and he had some serious camera envy. I guess the one good thing about getting old is having the money / stability / job to buy these kinds of toys with. I let him play with the Nikon a bit, and we started a convo about blogging and bikes and such.

Folks here in the Front Range are super kind and laid back about being candid / urban photo subjects, I've found. It kind of fits in with the general friendliness in the Denver area, I think.

O yea, I nearly forgot: a big shout out of congrats to the
Donkeys for sending those arrogant Massholes back to whatever hole they crawled out of. Man, there was some stuff getting stirred on Craigslist about that!

Not that I'm a football fan or anything. I just like to see trolls get a richly deserved Beat Down.




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