Tuesday, February 14, 2006

say what?

Happy Singles Awareness Day, y'all.

Tho I rarely ever disagree with the lad, this time I actually gotta give a shout out and paraphrase
Pat Stack. Y'know dude, you are absolutely correct, the Hellympics do suck without Jaime Salé.

Only other 2 Winter Ga(y)mes observations do I have to make at this point:

a) Ted Ligety on a slalom run is pure bottled sex.

b) Dick Button is a tool. And not a useful one, either. More like that annoying, worthless rounded-out 5/16" box-end roaming round the bottom of the tray that you're too cheap/lame/stupid to pitch... despite that both yer bicycles AND cars take metrics. Fercrissakes, dude just STFU.

Couple more caps from a couple weeks ago down
::cue Cartman singing voice::

♪♪♫ .. in the Ghetto… ♫♪

First one made me laugh. Only along the Front Range would one find healthy litter lying in a vacant lot, as opposed to busted 40s. Looks like hippies are just as bad about finding the bin as the gangbangers are.

I have a theory why Denver's music scene AND the urban art scene both suck: it's cos the weather's just too damned nice here. Seriously, everyone here is just too busy playing outside to be snarky and miserable, hence no one develops that pent-up, wrist-slitting level of black despair that months on end of utterly wretched weather will provide. Therefore the true edge for creativity, lacks. This goes a long way towards explaining why Manchester, U.K. has consistently produced a high level of musical talent for nigh on 40 years.

Here's a small taste of the lame-arse tags that pass for urban blight around these parts.

I call this the 'eh, hell with it man, it's too pretty outside to be all pissed off, let's go snowboard or something...' school of design:

Bedtime for Bonzo,



Blogger jdub said...

dude - even less people read your blog than mine I think!
This is awesome. I watched you take almost all of these pics and thought to myself, "what the hell is she going to do with these?"
Well, clearly, I underestimated. The story works perfectly with the pics. more brilliance from LFR

6:57 PM  

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