Friday, January 20, 2006

Oh. My. God!!

like, omiGAWD... ::cue cheezy 80's synth-pop track::

Patrick Stack, one of my longtime fave bloggers actually linked my site yesterday to give props in response to this post.

If you don't read
Stacked (no, no, NOT the Pamela Anderson bullshit Myspace blog, puh-leeeaze!) well, you should. Don't let the Ali G. aesthetic fool you, this man is tack sharp. Hell he keeps my slacker arse interested in (of all things) politics. That's about like convincing Osama Bin Laden that bacon tastes goooood.

Dammit, that Hubris post has gotten a fair bit of play and I've since received emails in praise from people I don't actually know. So thanks, peopleihavenocluewhoyouare, but kindly don't expect great things. As my granpappy, God rest his soul, used to say: 'even a blind pig can find a nut every now and again'.

Sigh... considering one or three people besides my mom and my best bud might actually stop in and visit the site over the next few days, I guess I'll attempt to raise my game a tad, or at least
clean a few of the dead bugs off the windshield.




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No love man :(

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