Saturday, March 04, 2006

back in the saddle

So I've been sick with a nasty case of flu for about ten days. Finally feel a TON better, but man for awhile there, I felt like I got hit by one of these things.

So I've a crapload of files from today's shoot, but I'm too tired to post 'em all right now.

tho for whatever reason I really like this drunken bus station bench. Kind of a cool screwup, no?




Blogger RedBeardedMead said...

you have some interesting and non standard eye for your shots. Nice
(close your eyes, hear me clapping?)

I miss my old FE2 rig... sometime need to get a digi cam that has pixel count, controls, and options.

anyway, passing by, stopped and looked..... :D

10:57 AM  

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