Thursday, March 09, 2006

grab bag

Here's a smorgasboard of shots, from a lovely Saturday spent riding around Boulder just shooting photos of anything I could get my lens wrapped around. These first 2 are details shots from the kerbstones outside my favourite tea shop.

Another kind of interesting experiment. I'm not sure if this shot works or is just stupid. but for whatever reason I didn't want to delete it, and those are usually the shots people say they like. This Golden was tied to the same parking metre as my singlespeed outside the Trident coffeehouse. I don't know whose dog this is, but she was a pretty photogenic subject. Shot this one thru a narrow gap in the slats of a patio chair, with the lens wide open (f/1.8), handheld, at night. usually a recipe for disaster, but you be the judge.

Glass block. At night. With light shining through it. Yeah, okay it's a cliche', but the colours are at least cool, and it gave me some interesting pattern / texture / composition issues to try solving.

Okay enough of the artsy fartsy crap, let's move on to one of my perennial faves: hot men without shirts! These guys were bouldering up in Sanitas when I asked them if they'd mind me shooting some photos of them. They were really nice about it. I gave them my email addy and told them I'd send them the caps for free if they were interested. Most people don't seem to care one way or another.

Sanitas is really gorgeous, and on my way back from shooting the rock climbers, I tried to capture the late afternoon light framing the rock outcrops on the south side of Sunshine Canyon.

The biggest challenge with these shots is that in order to frame what I want, I am forced to use my wideangle zoom, which is an extremely cheap plastic lens. It's not all that sharp or fast, so it loses a lot in translation. I'm looking into a new 20mm f/2.8 prime though. Soon, very soon.

Last but not least, a colour capture from a slightly different angle of last week's most excellent train. I'm definitely going out to re-shoot this one with better light and from some other angles.

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